Powerful Skin Options

Skin Settings

DynamiX includes 21 stunning skin pre-sets, but also allows you to create your own skins easily with the powerful Skin Settings admin page.

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  • The Skin Settings admin page allows you to modify

  • duplicate and create new skin sets. The powerful options allows you to create the ideal skin for you website design.

    Below is a list of options available;

    • Choose Light or Dark elements
    • Select from two different branding versions
    • Set font size
    • main
    • heading
    • menu font type
    • Control font
    • link and heading colours
    • Set upto 2 background layers for the Header / Footer
    • Choose from the following background options for Body area;Color / Gradient
      Image Fullscreen
      Image Positioned
      Video / Flash
      Image / Video Cycle
    • Control the opacity value of each layer

Custom Fonts

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Select from a list of stunning pre-selected google or cufon fonts. With google fonts you can assign them to body text, headings and the menu.

If you’re not content with the pre-selected list, you can even add  your own fonts via the General Settings page.

Simply pick your font from google font library or download a cufon javascript file and upload to your media library.