ALAMES Alerta contra la represión en Turquía. Compañeros de la IAHP detenidos por el gobierno:

ALAMES alert against the repression in Turkey. Companions of the IAHP taken by the police:


Esta mañana 20 académicos de la región de Izmit fueron sacados de sus casas por la policía. Dos de ellos, Onur Hamzaoglu y Ozlem Ozkan. son miembros de la IAHP. Aun están en la estación de policía. Desde hace 5 horas no han sido presentados al fiscal público.

Feride Aksu Tanık

This morning 20 Academicians from Izmit region have been taken from their homes by the police. Two of them are the board members of IAHPE. Onur Hamzaoglu and Ozlem Ozkan. They are still in the police station. Since 5 hours they are not taken to the public prosecutor.

Feride Aksu Tanık

Más información relativa al caso/ More information relative the situation:

Dear Colleagues,

In Turkey, since 16 August 2015, there has been 58 officially confirmed, open-ended and round-the-clock curfews in at least 19 districts of 7 cities. Human causalities increase day by day. You can find more info about the situation in the following links..

  1. Fact sheet by Human Rights Foundation of Turkey


fact sheet on declared curfews between . 11 december 2015 – 8 january 2016 and violations of right to life against civilians according to the data of

  1. Call by Amnesty International

A group of academics launched a petition in Turkey, signed by 1128 academics in Turkey and supported by 356 international ones until yesterday, including David Harvey, Noam Chomsky, Etienne Balibar, Erik Swyngedouw, Judith Butler and many others..

Hereby is the text:
International supporters:

Signatures from Turkey:


And yesterday, after a very brutal attack on tourists in İstanbul by the ISIS; TR President Erdoğan made a defiant speech, mostly attacking on this petition and those who signed it.


Hereby, info by Guardian on this issue:
‘In a typically defiant speech Erdoğan attacked foreign academics and writers, including Noam Chomsky for criticism of his government.
He said: “Pick a side. You are either on the side of the Turkish government, or you’re on the side of the terrorists’. (

Just 2 hours after this speech, Turkish Higher Education Council announced that it will launch an investigation against those who signed in Turkey. In this situation supporting the academics in Turkey is much more crucial..

I would like to ask you to sign this petition in order to show solidarity and if it is possible to convey this message to your colleagues.

You can sign the petition by sending a mail (stating your name, position and university) to

Thank you very much for your interest.


Best regards

Feride Aksu Tanık

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