‘End the devastating austerity drive against Greece’: U.S. doctors group

Troika-imposed policies causing widespread suffering and death, physicians say The following statement was released today by Physicians for a National Health Program.

The 19,000 members of Physicians for a National Health Program call upon the European Union, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund – the so-called troika – to cease imposing harsh austerity policies on the Greek people that have gravely damaged the Greek health care system and have caused unnecessary death and suffering.

Our Greek colleagues in medicine and public health have documented a tragic deterioration in the quality and availability of care.

In the past, Greece’s national health system provided universal access to care. Now, millions of people are unable to obtain the services they need. The barriers to care in Greece increasingly resemble the barriers our patients face in the United States, where tens of millions remain uninsured despite the Affordable Care Act.
Today in Greece, vital health institutions are being starved of resources or privatized, and despite the heroic efforts of many Greek physicians and nurses, care is increasingly reserved for the wealthy few.

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